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About ReplicationDomain

ReplicationDomain is an online database resource for storing, sharing and visualizing DNA replication timing and transcription data, as well as other numerical epigenetic data types. Data is typically obtained from DNA microarrays or DNA sequencing. Our site has a user registration system that allows registered users to upload their own data sets. While non-registered users may freely view and download public data sets, registered users may upload their own data sets and view them privately, share them with other registered users, or make published data sets publicly available. In addition we have implemented additional mechanisms that allow users to restrict sharing of data sets to a user designated group of registered users. Further details on the database usage are in the User Guide Page, while data set details are in the Documentation Page.

What's New in ReplicationDomain

  • Nov 21,2014 - Database maintenance. From 1:45am - 4am all databases are locked readonly. This has been completed.
  • Sep 16,2014 - Converted builds now available for download under the database page
  • Apr 17,2014 - Real time replication has been enabled between the public and private server..
  • Jan 31,2013 - Gene aliases updated monthly
  • Nov 11,2012 - New tools to handle datasets in different builds
  • Sep 20,2012 - New page for the Chicken Genome launched
  • Apr 01,2009 - Homo Sapien and Drosophilia data support has been completed. Several public Drosophilia datasets are available.
  • Mar 01,2009 - External user and data upload support are complete. We are now accepting account requests.
  • Dec 01,2008 - Database structure has been redesigned. Servers and server OS have been upgraded. Display of large data sets is faster

Statistics generated: November 15, 2017 11:41pm

Data Sets: 752
Mus Musculus Data Sets: 252
Homo Sapiens Data Sets: 456
Drosophilia Data Sets: 20
Arabidopsis Data Sets: 5
Schizosaccharomyces Pombe Data Sets: 4
Public Data Sets: 369
Private Data Sets: 383
Gene Expression Data Sets: 25
Replication Timing Data Sets: 657
Data Points: 509501895
Gene Expression Data Points: 7015150
Replication Timing Data Points: 440307841
Most Popular Chromosome: chr1 - 8466 hits

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